Best Curling Iron For Beach Waves: 8 Top-Rated Options & Buying Guide

Last Updated:September 8, 2020

Sexy, messy beach waves are the kind of curls that suit most women. You simply cannot go wrong with beach waves because it’s the kind of hairstyle that flatters most face shapes and hair lengths! Loose curls frame the face and add volume to fine hair. The hairstyle goes with practically everything too! Although beach waves are meant to look carefree or slept in even, creating perfectly tousled tresses does take a lot of practice. That’s why it pays to invest in the right hair styling tools. 

There are three things to consider when creating beach waves, you need volume, texture, and definition. You need the right tools to get the best results. If you want to get those loose bombshell curls, here are our favorite beach wave curling irons:

8 of the Best Curling Irons for Beach Waves

1. BaByliss Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron

If you are looking for a versatile, all-around hair curler, one that’s packed with cool features and a perfectly sized barrel for loose curls, you will love the BaByliss Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron.

High heat is key to lasting curls and the BaByliss Nano’s chunky 1.25-inch Sol-Gel nano titanium barrel conducts and retains heat for beach curls that last. The curling iron barrel is also ceramic-coated so it applies healthy, consistent high heat evenly. This device comes with 50 (that’s not a typo) heat settings that go as high as 450°F. The BaByliss Nano has a turbo boost button as well as ultra-high, far-infrared heat that penetrates the hair shafts for lasting curls with zero damage and frizz.

The BaByliss Nano Curling Iron is suitable for most hair types and it delivers perfect results every time. I love how this curler combined the heat conduction of titanium; the even heat distribution of ceramic as well as the ultra high heat of far-infrared heat technology.

This curler is best for those with thick, naturally wavy, or hard-to-manage hair. It can be too hot for users with delicate or fine hair. If you style your hair regularly or if your tresses are prone to heat damage, apply a heat protective serum so your hair stays healthy and shiny despite the high heat.

2. Xtava Professional Curling Iron Set

Xtava 5 in 1 Professional Curling Iron and Wand Set
$38.67 ($38.67 / Count)
  • Negative ion technology
  • Ceramic-tourmaline technology
  • Digital temperature controls
  • Dual voltage
  • Auto shut off
  • Quick heat setting
  • 360° Swivel Cord
  • LCD display
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10/22/2020 04:00 am UTC

If you’re all about options then you need a hair styling tool that has it all. The Xtava Professional curling iron is a complete styling kit that gives you virtually limitless styling options. It has 5 interchangeable barrels, three of which have a built-in clip and the two have a narrow conical shape.

The quality of the barrels is impressive. Each one features Xtava’s signature tourmaline-ceramic technology. As the barrel heats up, it releases negative ions that lock in moisture, restores shine, and reduces static. No matter what type of curls you want, big, bouncy beach waves or tight, defined ringlets, getting the hairstyle you want is easy with the Xtava 5-in-1 curler.

The curler comes with all sorts of smart features including:

I played with the different barrels and got great results. Loose waves, tight curls, defined curls, you name it. It can all be achieved with this curling iron set. Since the set gives more options, it will work for all hair types. If you travel a lot then you will love Xtava’s compact design and the zip-travel case that comes along with the set. Honestly, the Xtava 5-in-1 curler has it all. The only downside I could think of is the lack of a cool tip, which increases the chances of accidental burning. But Xtava comes with heat-resistant gloves to make up for this issue. 

3. Infinity Pro By Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Wand

Creating soft, beachy waves has never been easy thanks to Conair’s Infinity Pro. The clampless wand design may look simple but the Infinity Pro gives you utmost control over your curls. The 3/4 to 1 1/4-inch tapered barrel allows you to create tight or loose curls, it’s your call! For beachy waves, just wrap a wide section of hair around the thick part of the barrel for a few seconds then release. Loosen the curls with your fingers for perfectly tousled tresses and you’re good to go.

The tourmaline-ceramic barrel ensures precision styling without hair damage. Healthy heat is distributed evenly on every hair section so your curls are not only long-lasting, they’re shiny and frizz-free. The Infinity Pro comes with a fast-heat feature and uniform heat recovery for instant styling. I love how this curling iron heats up so fast, meaning I can save a lot of time in the morning.

Speaking of heat, the Infinity Pro comes with 5 heat settings and heats up to 400°F. The device also comes with light indicators so you could check the temperature at a glance, a handy feature if you have fragile or damage-prone hair. I also love the auto shut-off feature, it makes the Pro such an easy-breezy, worry-free curler.

How many times have you burned your fingers while curling your hair? Too many to count, in my case. The kit comes with insulated thermal gloves so you could curl your hair without burning yourself in the process.

Overall, the Infinity Pro is a dependable curler, one that comes with practical features for easy styling. I wish there is a built-in clamp so curling is even more fool-proof but that’s easy to overlook considering how reliable the Pro is. The cool tip is small so it won’t keep you from using the heat-protecting gloves that come with the curler.

4. Hot Tools Gold Curling Iron

The Hot Tools Gold curling iron promises long-lasting, beachy curls and cutting-edge technology all wrapped up in shiny 24-karat gold. From looks alone, you know that the Hot Tool Gold curling iron will be the prettiest hair styling tool that’ll ever grace your vanity. With this device, you could create romantic beachy waves and fabulous twists.

The secret to Hot Tools curling iron’s exceptional performance is the golden barrel, which has a unique styling surface that produces and conducts heat evenly and efficiently. Your hair will be pampered with healthy heat so your curls stay consistent and long-lasting. The device also comes with Hot Tools’ proprietary Pulse Technology to prevent momentary temperature drops. Sensors within the curler shifts and restores the heat immediately so the temperature is at the ideal level throughout the styling process.

The Hot Tools curling iron has 10 heat settings to cater to all hair types and textures. The device could reach the maximum temperature of 430°F so you can curl the most stubborn tresses in no time at all. However, the Hot Tool curler is slower to heat up compared to other styling tools in this list. But once the ideal temperature has been reached, you get beautiful curls.

I wish it came with a separate on/off switch just so I could turn the device off with just a push of a button. The temperature dial is quite small too so the readout is harder to see when you’re curling your hair. The gold barrel is no doubt beautiful but for those who are huge fans of tourmaline and/or ceramic curlers, they might doubt the curler’s ability to minimize heat damage.

5. Remington Pro Ceramic Curling Wand

Remington Pearl Ceramic Conical Curling Wand
  • Wide Conical Barrel
  • Pearl Ceramic Coating
  • 410°F Highest Temperature

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The Remington Pro Curling wand features a tapered, 1”-1½” barrel for creating lustrous medium curls with a luxurious finish. This curling iron comes with a number of great features including a patent-pending ceramic pearl technology that boosts hair brilliance while eliminating frizz and dryness. Crushed pearl is a popular skin care ingredient in Asia and the same nutrients that keep the skin luminous and youthful also improves hair health.

As the curler heats up, the hair-giving nutrients of crushed pearl are activated, giving you vibrant, lustrous curls that last. The crushed pearls also boost hair resilience, making the hair resistant to damages caused by everyday styling.

The ceramic-coated barrel distributes heat so you get professional results every single time. There is a choice between the 1-inch and 1 ½-inch barrel so you get lots of styling options to boot. If you want luscious beachy curls then opt for the bigger barrel. The Pro comes with 10 heat settings and digital controls. It heats up to 410°F, taming unyielding tresses with relative ease. A large digital display set near the base of the device lets you read the temperature at a glance.

Other features that are worth mentioning include the rapid heat up feature, Auto Shut Off, swivel cord, and temperature lock. The temperature lock feature is so useful because it lets you set the ideal curling temperature for your hair type so the next time you curl your hair, the temperature has been customized for you. The only downside for me is that the Remington Pro gets too hot while in use. To avoid burning yourself, wear the heat-protecting gloves that come with the set!

6. Sultra: The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron

The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron by Sultra is all about giving you bombastic curls! Think big, voluminous, dramatic curls straight off Victoria’s Secret runway within minutes.

The Sultra curling iron is a clipless styling wand that features a 1-inch ceramic barrel. The design is pretty simple and straightforward, which is just as well if you’re looking for a no-nonsense curler that could give you thick, loose curls. The size of the barrel makes it ideal for all hair types but I feel that the Bombshell curling iron is best suited for those with medium length, thin hair. And when it comes to creating beach waves, those with thin hair need all the help they could get!

The Bombshell comes with the brand’s proprietary ThermaTru Ceramic technology. This feature ensures the even distribution of heat for shiny, frizz-free curls. The Bombshell protects the hair cuticles from heat damage, locking in moisture so the hair stays healthy and strong despite the daily styling. I love how lightweight the Bombshell Curling Iron is, perfect for people with thick long hair or unruly tresses.

For users with damaged hair, treated hair or damage-prone hair, you will love the Sultra’s Japanese Kyocera technology. The Japanese Kyocera tech promotes hair repair by curling the hair evenly, no unsightly creases in sight. The curling iron works from root to tip, applying consistent heat that goes up to 380°F, pumping up the volume to give you lasting curls.

Other features that are worth the shoutout include the dual voltage capability, which makes the Bombshell travel-friendly. It also comes with an automatic shut off feature to prevent accidents after styling. Once the curler reaches a certain temperature, the Bombshell shuts off automatically to prevent overheating.

The only downside is the rather limited heat setting. The curler heats at a consistent 380°F, which might not satisfy those who are accustomed to using higher temps to curl their locks. Since you cannot adjust the setting, those with color treated tresses or damaged locks will have to look elsewhere.

7. BESTOPE 1.25 inch Curling Iron

Yet another curling wand with a simple, straightforward design, the BESTOPE Upgrade curling iron gives you loose, natural-looking curls and soft beach waves. Although the Upgrade curling iron is designed for all hair types, I think it will work better for users with medium length hair to long hair. The BESTOPE Upgrade curling iron has a built-in clamp for easy styling. The 1.25-inch barrel is perfectly sized for creating romantic, looping curls.

The barrel is also coated with ceramic-tourmaline so expect shiny, long-lasting results. As you know, daily heat styling does a number on the tresses but you won’t have to worry too much about weakness, dryness, or brittleness because the BESTOPE Upgrade curling iron is incredibly gentle on the hair. In fact, this curler is often recommended for people with fine or color-treated hair.

The BESTOPE Upgrade curling iron comes with 4 heat settings so you could adjust the temperature that suits your hair. Opt for the lowest setting (320℉-355℉) if you have delicate or color-treated hair. For the lucky gals with normal hair, choose the medium setting (355℉-395℉). For thick and coarse hair, go for the maximum setting (430℉).

I love how lightweight the BESTOPE Upgrade curling iron is. It comes with an ergonomic, non-slip handle so hair styling is much less of an uphill battle in the morning. The 60-minute auto shut-off feature is also much appreciated because it makes the BESTOPE Upgrade curling iron so safe to use.

If you have medium to long hair, the BESTOPE Upgrade curling iron is an amazing curler. However, for those with short hair, you might not get the precision you want with this styling tool. The barrel is on the chunky side so it won’t work for all hair lengths.

8. PARWIN PRO 7-in-1 Curling Wand Set

PARWIN PRO 7 in 1 Curling Wand Set
$56.99 ($56.99 / Count)
  • Tourmaline Ceramic Barrels
  • 15 Different Heat Settings
  • Dual voltage
  • Durable, PTC fast heating components and ceramic coating for barrel
  • 360° Swivel Cord
Buy from Amazon Buy from
10/22/2020 04:02 pm UTC

Rounding up our list, is the PARWIN PRO. The PARWIN PRO offers 7 curling attachments in one kit. It’s definitely one of the curlers with the most extensive selection of barrel attachments I’ve reviewed.  The PARWIN PRO is the perfect curler for anyone who loves beachy waves along with other curl styles!

From tight ringlets to beautiful beachy waves, you could style your hair with the PARWIN PRO anyway you want.

The sizes of the 7 interchangeable barrels are:

Other features include a 60-minute auto shut off feature, 360°swivel cord, a digital temperature control, and a sizable LCD display so you can adjust and see the readout clearly. Light indicators let you know once the desired temperature has been reached for foolproof operation and perfect curls.

Quality tends to go down with extensive kits like this but that’s not the case with the PARWIN PRO at all. Thanks to the ceramic-tourmaline barrels, the PARWIN PRO is gentle on the hair. I love how easy it is to change between barrels, PARWIN PRO is surprisingly user-friendly. If not for the lack of a cool tip, the PARWIN PRO would have been the best beach wave curling iron. Wearing the heat-protecting gloves is a must for controlled styling.

Your Guide to Curling Iron Sizes

Different hair goals have different needs, what’s the right barrel size for creating beach waves?

Barrel Size Creates Best for
3/4-inch Corkscrew curls Short hair
1-inch Classic curls, defined waves Short – medium hair
1 1/2-inch Loose waves, voluminous curls Long hair
2-inch Large curls, loose waves Long, thick hair

¾ Barrel Size

This barrel size is best for individuals with short hair or users who want tight, defined curls. This barrel size is perfect for creating corkscrew curls. If you want to create a recreate a vintage look, this is the barrel size to get.

1-inch Barrel Size

This is a versatile barrel size so it’s the most popular of all standard barrel sizes. It’s a great size for creating classic curls and defined waves. A curling iron with a 1-inch barrel is best suited for anyone with short to medium length tresses.

1½-inch Barrel Size

If you want to create tousled curls, loose waves, and voluminous curls, this is a great size to use. This size is quite chunky so it’s a great choice for individuals with thick, coarse, wavy, or stubborn hair. This barrel size is also perfect for people with long hair. Compared to a curler with a 2-inch barrel, a curler with a 1-inch barrel creates a more defined curl.

2-inch Barrel Size

This is the largest of the standard barrel sizes and is designed specifically for creating large curls and loose waves. And yes, it’s the best beach waves curling iron size because the barrel is big enough to add volume from roots to tips. Since the barrel is big, it won’t work for people with short hair. A curler with a 2-inch barrel is made for individuals with long, thick hair.

Choosing the Best Beach Wave Curling Iron for Thick Hair

Looking for the best beach wave curling iron for thick hair? Hair styling tools come in many shapes and sizes so be sure to know what to look for in a product.

Barrel Size

The best beach wave curling iron for thick hair is a cylinder-shaped, wand-type hair curler with a barrel size of 1 ½ inch to 2 inches Large barrel sizes are designed specifically for creating loose curls on medium to long hair length as well as stubborn, thick hair.

If the barrel size is too small, you’ll end up with small curls that might work against your hair texture or hair type. A hair curler with a 1 ½ inch to 2 inches barrel will give you less defined curls for natural-looking results.

Heat Settings

Thick hair tends to be harder to curl than thin to medium-density tresses. That’s why it’s important to choose a hair styling tool with different heat settings. With a variety of heat settings to choose from, you could control the curl and get long-lasting results. For thick hair, you need a curler that could reach at least 350°F.

Barrel Material

Thick hair needs a higher temperature to hold a curl, which weakens the hair strands. A styling tool that produces gentle, even heat is best for this hair type. The most common barrel materials are tourmaline-coated, ceramic, tourmaline-ceramic, and titanium barrels. If your thick hair is prone to damage or is color-treated, opt for ceramic and ceramic-tourmaline curlers. These hair styling tools produce healthy heat that minimizes heat damage and locks in moisture.

For thick hair that’s prone to frizz and static, we highly recommend those with titanium barrels. Titanium generates negative ions that protect the hair from the effects of humidity. For individuals with thin hair, opt for ceramic or tourmaline curling irons.

The Bottom Line: Finding the Curling Wand Right for You

Dreamy beach waves are always appropriate and creating loose curls is easy with the right tools. With these reviews, we hope that we’ve inspired your next hair goal! One thing to keep in mind though, choose the right tool for your hair type. This way, you get the results you want without damaging your tresses. Invest in a product that satisfies your needs and do not let the price be the sole deciding factor when shopping around for hair styling products.

Other Recommended Curling Irons for Beach Waves

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