Get The Perfect Curl: The 5 Best Curling Iron For Long Thick Hair

by Leah Williams | Updated: 13/07/2019

On the hunt for the best curling iron for long thick hair? If you ever dreamed of having a luscious, perfectly curled coif but your hair just refuses to cooperate, we’ve got your back!

Styling in the morning is a nightmare when you have thick, long, unyielding hair!

Worse, curls tend to go limp much more quickly when you have pin-straight hair, at least in my experience. 

But like I always say, everything is possible with the right tools. It takes a special kind of hot tool to tame stubborn hair and get curls that last. So for people who have the same problem, this guide is for you.

My team and I have scoured the market for the best curling iron for long thick hair. We’ve also added a quick buying guide if you are wondering what is the best size curling iron for long hair. 

What are the Best Curling Irons for Long Thick Hair?

1. BIO IONIC Gold PRO Wand Styling Iron

BIO IONIC GoldPro Wand 1 Inch Styling Iron
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04/17/2021 04:07 am GMT

One of the most important features that you should look for in a curling iron if you have thick, long hair is the maximum heat setting. You want a curling iron that could reach at least 350 °F if your hair is dense and unyielding. We love the BIO IONIC Gold PRO Wand Styling Iron styling iron because it heats up to 450 °F, hot enough to curl the most stubborn mane.

I love how lightweight the Gold Pro is, which is important if you’re styling long, thick hair. Styling takes a while when you have thick hair and I don’t feel like my arms are about to fall off after curling my hair with the Gold Pro. It’s compact, lightweight, and incredibly efficient.

As you know, gold is an excellent heat conductor and the Gold Pro generates and retains consistent heat, giving you lasting curls! The curls are so shiny too because the heat activates the negative ions that prevent frizz and static. Overall, the device’s ability to curl thick hair is incredible and this goes even for those with unruly, thick hair.

You might think that the lack of a built-in clip could make hair curling harder with the Gold Pro, it’s the opposite. Since it does not have a clip, the device is more versatile. Of course, it will take some practice to get the perfect curl.



2. ghd Creative Curl Wand

ghd Creative Curl Wand - 1.1 Inches
  • Tri-Zone Ceramic Technology
  • Tapered barrel
  • 30-minute Automatic Sleep Mode
  • Universal Voltage
  • On-off Switch
  • Professional-length Cord
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04/16/2021 10:05 pm GMT

Hairstyling isn’t rocket science but sometimes, it feels almost as difficult. With this curling iron, you won’t have to fumble awkwardly to get the hair you want, whether it’s deep curls or loose beachy waves.

The Creative Curl Wand has a tapered oval barrel that makes gripping locks a cinch. Smart sensors track the temperature, keeping the heat at an optimal 365°F and ensuring you get the same power all throughout the wand.

The curling iron is coated with ceramic, an effective yet gentle heating component that creates smooth, flawless waves. With a heat up time of 25 seconds, you can curl and go in a few minutes.

Aside from cutting edge heat technology, ghd also places features that make this wand so intuitive to use. I’ve been burned a couple times while concentrating on curling my hair so I appreciate the protective cool tip this iron has. It also comes with a safety stand to prop up the wand when you’re not using it.

By far, the best feature that really makes a difference is the press and hold design for the on/off switch, which prevents styling accidents. Another thing I like is the swivel cable and long cord, as well as the shutoff timer. I also love how clean and sleek it looks and feels, a small detail that makes using the curling iron feel luxurious.

If you’re someone used to using tongs, using this curl wand will take a bit of practice. Once you get the hang of it, curling your long locks will feel effortless.


3. Hot Tools Professional 24K Gold Regular Barrel Curling Iron

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Curling long, thick tresses calls for a heavy-duty styling tool that provides consistent, salon-worthy results. That’s exactly what you can expect with the Hot Tools Professional 24K Gold Regular Barrel Curling Iron. No doubt about it,   this curling iron is pretty with its 24K gold barrel and jet-black accents but this device isn’t just all good looks. It features a unique curling surface that tames the most unyielding hair. From beachy waves to romantic curls, elegant twists, and face-framing tendrils, it does it all!

The 24K gold plated barrel applies healthy heat evenly to curl every hair strand to perfection. This device also comes with the brand’s proprietary Pulse Technology so the curling wand is hot and it stays hot throughout the curling process for consistent results. If your hair is damaged, prone to damage, or color-treated, you will love the it’s multiple heat settings and rheostat control dial. With these features, you get optimum control over the temperature, which minimizes the risk of hair damage.

And if you have unmanageable hair, the curling iron heats up to a toasty 430°F. That, and the ergonomically designed handle allows you to create salon-worthy curls, it’s the perfect tool for hair that could not hold a curl.

One thing though, this tool is best suited for users with thick hair because even the lowest setting could be too hot for anyone with delicate or fine hair. Also, be mindful of the heat dial, you might end up frying your locks if you accidentally applied the wrong setting.



4. Remington T Studio Curling Wand

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04/17/2021 04:11 am GMT

Everyday styling can do a number on your hair. It could leave your hair dry and dull from the constant heat exposure. Apart from applying heat protecting products to your tresses prior to curling your hair, it’s important to use a gentle styling tool, one that imparts healthy heat to your hair. The Remington T Studio Curling Wand is a part of the brand’s newest generation of heat styling tools that are infused with moisture-boosting crushed pearls.

In Asia, crushed pearls are a popular skincare ingredient known to restore the resilience and youthfulness of aging skin. Used as a hair treatment, crushed pearls lock in moisture and boost shine, restoring the health of dry, damaged hair. The crushed pearls also smoothen the hair cuticles so your hair stays silky, smooth, and full of shine. Now isn’t that something?

If you have thick hair then you know that even, consistent heat is key to achieving lasting curls. That’s exactly what you can expect with the T Studio!

If you are all about options then you will love the T Studio curling wand. The conical pearl ceramic barrel lets you create a variety of curls. It also comes with 10 heat settings (max 410°F), temperature lock, and digital controls, all of which help in terms of creating the perfect curl. I love the temperature lock feature, in particular, not a lot of curling tools come with the same technology. This feature lets you set your preferred temperature during styling, making the entire process quick and easy.

The T Studio curling wand is suitable for most hair types but it might not be the best choice for people with short hair. The 1”-1½” is too wide for users with chin-length hair so curling won’t be as precise.



5. T3 – SinglePass Curl 1 Inch Professional Curling Iron

T3 Micro SinglePass Curl 1.25 Inch Professional Curling Iron
  • T3 Custom Blend Ceramic barrel
  • SmartTwist Dial
  • SinglePass Technology
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04/17/2021 04:02 am GMT

We are rounding up our list with one of the best curling irons on the market — T3 SinglePass Curl Professional Curling Iron. This highly-rated curling iron is perfect for long, thick hair due to the custom-blend ceramic barrel material that allows for efficient styling while the 1.25-inch barrel size makes it easy to work with long locks. 

Whether you are looking to create spirals, waves, or curls, you will be able to achieve consistently perfect curls every time. This is down to the Digital T3 SinglePass technology that maintains a consistent barrel temperature to deliver smooth and long-lasting curls. For anyone that has long, thick hair, you will want to lean towards a product that will cut down styling time wherever possible, while still producing great curls. 

What else is there to love about T3 SinglePass Curling Iron? Well, to start, you’ll get to choose from 5 adjustable heat settings, a range that’s wide enough to accommodate all hair types, whatever the texture. That means you won’t have to clip and wait for ages waiting for the perfect curl to manifest because the heat can be adjusted to adapt to the thickness of your hair. Turning the dial changes the settings and its positioned to prevent accidental activations when the curling iron is in use. The device remembers your previous heat setting so you don’t have to readjust with each use.

Another thing I love about this curling iron is its lightweight, ergonomic design. It’s simply a joy to hold. As someone who’s used to getting sore wrists from long styling sessions, this was a refreshing feature. Adding to the convenience is the intelligent construction of this product. For example, the cool tip doubles as a stand to keep the barrel away from hard surfaces. This is handy when you’re taking a break and want to put the curling iron down.

This hair curling tool is capable of auto world voltage so you can take this with you when traveling so you can get natural-looking curls on vacations and business trips.

The curling iron is an easy recommendation but it does come with a hefty price tag. When first using it, take extra precautions because the iron gets very hot. Make sure it’s pointed at the lowest heat setting before you work your way up so you prevent frying your locks



6. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron

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04/16/2021 08:17 pm GMT

If you want a traditional curling iron that gets the job done for a good price, this is the best styling wand for you. It looks like your average curling iron with its clip on barrel and baby blue handle but it comes with 50 heat settings. Whatever your hair type, this has you covered. It heats up to 450°F, an impressive feat.

Though the wand gets hot, your locks won’t get scorched or frizzed up because this uses Sol-Gel Ceramic technology. The barrel is made of titanium and ceramic nanoparticles that are concentrated, making this a durable and chemical resistant iron worth splurging on.

The nano titanium barrel emits far infrared heat which is healthier for your hair because it transfers heat within the hair strand so you get less damage. The 1-inch width can create the laziest of curls and the most intricate waves.

If you’re in a rush, press the turbo heat button to speed up styling and get more curl definition. The 8-foot swivel cord makes curling possible even while far from a power source.

What this curling iron lacks is a cool tip, especially since it delivers such high temperatures. An automatic shutoff would have been nice to have, as well as a digital readout. However, for the price, this is such a great deal that I won’t hesitate recommending.



Buying Guide: The Best Curling Iron for Long Thick Hair

What’s the best curling iron for pin-straight, long hair? Here are some of the factors to consider when searching for the right curler for your hair type:

Barrel Size

A curling iron with a large barrel will make the entire process more comfortable and quick compared to a curler with a wider barrel. This goes especially if you want more defined curls. Wondering what is the best size curling iron for long hair? 

A curler with a 1 ½” to 2” barrel is the best size curling iron for long hair. Most of the curling irons that we have outlined on our list falls within this category so they are ideal for anyone with long, pin-straight locks.

Barrel Shape

The shape of the barrel will affect the size and type of curl you are after. The best curling iron for long straight hair is one with a cylindrical-shaped, conical-shaped, and reverse conical-shaped barrel. These are the kinds of curlers that could curl the hair near the crown to pump up the volume. The result? Voluminous, bouncy curls that last all day!

How do you curl long, long hair?

Curling hair takes patience and practice, especially if you have a long mane. Here’s are some tips and tricks to make flawless loose waves.

If you have medium to long hair, you should use a barrel that’s around 1 inch to 1.25 inch in diameter. The wider the diameter, the looser the curls.

Clean and dry your hair thoroughly. You shouldn’t apply too much conditioner because it will weigh down your curls. Take care to fully dry your locks because that’s a surefire recipe to short-lived waves.

Before you start curling, apply a heat protectant. This could be a serum or spray. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s formulated to protect hair from damage.

Then, lightly spritz hairspray on the lengths of the hair. Don’t use hair oil because oily hair doesn’t hold a curl well. Instead, opt for a spray with soft to firm hold so your curls don’t sag.

Turn on your curling wand and wait for it to heat up. If you have fine or damaged hair, use low heat. For thick and coarse hair, a higher heat setting is fine. Don’t switch to the highest setting right away to avoid damaging your tresses.

Start curling the hair on top of the forehead. Wrap a small section around the barrel and make sure the end is facing away from you. Pull the hair taut and hold for about three seconds. Pin the curl.

For glamorous waves, you should wrap the whole strand around the wand. For a messy, casual vibe, start on a lower part of the section and leave the ends hanging. If you have bangs, separate them from the rest of your hair. They should not be rolled with longer tendrils.

Repeat for the rest of your locks, wrapping two-inch sections at a time, holding for a few seconds and then pinning the hair in place. Try varying the directions of the curls if you want a more casual look.

Finish off with another spritz of hairspray while your waves are still pinned. You can also top it off with a salt spray for texture.

Wait for your hair to cool then remove the pins. Top up with another light mist of hairspray, if needed. Finger comb your hair gently to loosen up the waves.

Conclusion: The Best Curling Iron for Long Thick Hair

One of the most common issues with curling long, straight hair is that the tresses could not hold a curl for long. The key to creating lasting curls is getting the temperature right. You need a curler that could reach the high temperatures to create curls that will last all day. The same thing can be said for taming thick tresses, use a heavy-duty yet lightweight curling iron that heats up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit to curl unmanageable locks. 

Precision is everything when curling long, thick hair so a curler with a cool tip – or at the very least, one that comes with free heat-resistant gloves – will give you more control over your curls. We hope that this guide has helped you find the best curling iron for long thick hair! What’s your favorite?

Other Recommended Curling Irons for Long Thick Hair

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