Simply Straight Ceramic Brush Review

by Leah Williams | Updated: 23/11/2020

Having wavy hair isn’t all that bad, but sometimes, I wish to have straight hair like my friends. I did try those flat irons that they recommended, but it takes me a while to finish straightening my strands. I was seriously considering having it straightened professionally until I came across a Simply Straight ceramic brush review.

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10/15/2021 03:15 pm GMT

Things to Consider Before Buying a Hot Brush

A hair straightening brush is a good alternative to traditional flat irons. Unlike the latter where you need to straighten your mane in sections, the hot brush lets you brush your hair like you normally do and reveal straighter looking mane. There are a few things that you should consider in a hair straightener brush and these are:

More on Simply Straight Ceramic Brush

Reading a review about the Simply Straight Ceramic Brush gave me insight on why straightening my hair with this product is a great idea. For starters, it is a ceramic straightening brush where ceramic is known for its ability to heat up quickly and evenly. It works well with any hair type which means that even if you have fine or thick hair, this will work well on you.



Features and Benefits

What makes the Simply Straight Brush a better alternative to the flat iron? The reviews that I came across shed some light on why this hair straightening brush is a popular choice these days for straightening one’s curly hair. From what I have read, these features are among its strongest points.

Social Proof

If you haven’t read any reviews about the Simply Straight ceramic hair brush, you are missing out on what others are saying. From the ones I have read, most of its customers are pleased with the results, particularly those who have curly to wavy hair. Just to give you an idea of what they are saying, here are a few feedbacks from its users.

Alternatives to the Simply Straight Brush

The Simply Straight Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush does a great job of making wavy or curly hair straight with minimal effort on your part. But aside from this brand, are there any alternatives that will yield the same results. Since I wanted to straighten my hair, I did some research and read reviews and so far, these three are among the top products to use as an alternative to the Simply Straight Brush.

TYMO Ionic Hair Straightener Brush

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10/15/2021 03:07 pm GMT

The TYMO ionic hair straightener brush stood out for me because of its unique features. For starters, it makes use of the air sandwich design where the strands are sandwiched between the black and purple bristles as they are dried and straightened out at the same time. The ionic technology used here aims to straighten your mane without drying it up. Dry hair is usually a problem with hair styling tools, but not this one. The bristles are evenly spaced out so you don’t have to worry about tangles as you brush your mane with this hair straightener brush.

Other features worth pointing out is that this straightener comes with a faster metal ceramic heating mode that will cut back the time it takes to heat it up. Additionally, this device remembers your previous setting and it will use it the next time you straighten your mane with it. With regards to safety, this hair straightening brush comes with an anti-scald feature which is great if you have a sensitive scalp. Also, it can turn off automatically when it is in idle for too long thus preventing a fire from breaking out.



Revlon 2nd Day Hair Straightening Heated Styling Brush

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10/15/2021 03:12 pm GMT

Revlon’s own hair straightening heated styling brush is another option to consider if you want to have straight hair quickly. What drew me to this product is its multidimensional bristle and comb that glides smoothly in your mane while detangling knots and managing to get closer to the roots of your hair for that added lift. Even if you haven’t washed your mane, you can still style it with this heated styling brush thanks to its ionic technology that prevents frizz from forming as you brush your hair with it. Additionally, the plate is ceramic coated which means that heat is evenly distributed throughout the bristles so that straightening your mane will be effortless.

This product comes with 10 temperature control settings that let you choose the right amount of heat based on your hair type. You will see the temperature displayed on the LCD screen on the handle. The on/off button is easy to toggle, plus it comes with an anti-tangle swivel cord too. The soft handle makes it easier to hold and it does help reduce the fatigue in your hand as you brush your hair straight.



ghd Glide Hot Brush

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10/15/2021 03:06 pm GMT

The ghd Glide hot brush is also another product to consider as an alternative to the Simply Straight ceramic hair brush because it delivers professional-looking straight hair. This is actually the brand’s first-ever professional hair straightening brush that can put an end to dry and frizzy strands. What made it efficient in taming your second-day hair is its ceramic and ionic technology that heats up the brush evenly while smoothing out any frizzy sections of your mane. This hot brush heats up to 365 degrees Fahrenheit making it work with any hair type.

The combination of short and long bristles allow the brush to glide through your strands without pulling or tugging at your strands. You can brush large sections of your hair and will still get the same results. The handle is comfortable enough to hold plus it is lightweight too. No need to worry about straining your arm with this tool because it has a good weight to it that lets you comb your mane without getting tired.




Compared to the alternatives, you can see why the Simply Straight Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush is a great option for straightening your hair. With its ability to reach up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit in a few seconds plus the option to regulate the heat setting, it means that you have complete control over your styling based on the type of hair that you have. It also comes with an auto shut-off feature which is a must-have for any styling tool in case you forgot to turn it off. You only need to brush your wavy or curly hair with this to get that sleek, straight hair you have always wanted.

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