What is the fastest way to blow dry your hair?

By Leah Williams •  Updated: 04/03/22

In a hurry to dry your hair? No worries!

We’ve all been there and sometimes we just want to get things done quickly just to get on with the day.

As you know, the list for drying your soaking wet hair is vast which can be confusing sometimes. However, the drying process for your hair doesn’t have to be cumbersome as there are a few techniques that’ll allow you to dry it quickly without worrying about damage.

So, if you’re wondering what is the fastest way to blow dry your hair, Lucky Curl has the answer.

Read on to find out the fastest ways to blow dry your hair!

7 Ways to Blow Dry Your Hair Fast

#1 Use a conditioner.

Conditioners not only soften and smoothen your hair but also allow it to dry quickly. Applying leave in conditioner onto hair is highly suggested for it to dry fast.

The silicones in the conditioner surround and seal the hair making them more water repellent.

In that sense, it prevents the moisture to penetrate deep into the hair cuticle which makes the hair drying time faster.

#2 Use a microfiber towel.

Towel drying is the most common hair drying technique. And if you want to dry your hair faster, you shouldn’t use just any towel.

The regular towel that you’re using to blow dry your wet hair could be the secret culprit for hair damage. The reason is that rubbing the towel on your sopping wet hair back and forth can ruin your hair cuticle.

So, do your hair a favor, use a microfiber towel instead as it absorbs moisture quickly and prevents frizzy hair too.

#3 Start drying in sections.

Use claw clips to pin the hair up and for you to easily part the hair in sections. Working in smaller sections can allow for faster and more thorough drying.

There are different types of sectioning clips and choosing the right one depends on the thickness of your hair and the length of the clip.

Go for larger or longer clips if you have thicker hair. You might need to use more clips too!

#4 Use a wide tooth comb.

The best way to get rid of the excess water off your hair is to use a wide tooth comb. Use it after you shower while air drying your hair.

It allows better airflow which helps dry hair faster and saves drying time. Besides, a wide tooth comb detangles your hair, prevents frizz, avoids breakage.

So, it’s really important to use the right comb for faster drying.

#5 Pre-dry the hair.

Do not blow dry sopping wet hair. Blow drying really wet hair takes up too much time which we all want to avoid.

The trick is to pre-dry or rough dry your hair before blow drying. Wring your hair gently after showering and wrap it in a microfiber towel.

You can also comb it using only your fingers to allow better airflow into the hair cuticles.

#6 The right brush is a must!

Use a hairbrush that is conducive to drying your hair. A round brush is highly recommended as it can provide more airflow into the hair strands.

The ceramic brush is also ideal if you have thick hair as it’s designed to help dry your hair faster. It generates perfect temperature and minimizes heat exposure too.

That said, the right brush is a must!

#7 Use the right tools.

You should use appropriate tools for faster blow drying and less hair damage.

The ionic blow dryer is a great example. It promises to dry your hair in 10 minutes or less! It’s good to use a high-wattage hairdryer because it has higher heat faster airflow.

With that idea, your hair is now less exposed to heating tools.

Final Say

Cutting drying time for your hair is something that you should learn as a routine to boost hair health.

You’ll come across different ideas on how to dry your fast but it all boils down to knowing when is the right time for blow drying your hair and using the best tools.

You shouldn’t blow dry when your hair is too wet or really dry. Blow drying when your hair is wet takes time and when it’s dry it can kill your hair.

Also, using the appropriate tools is vital to speed up the drying process. Using the right blow dryer, round brush, paper towels, and hair products can help prevent damage and lessen drying time.

Investing in a ceramic brush is worth it as it’s proven to be effective in drying your hair fast!

Still, the best technique for quick hair drying is to always pre-dry or rough dry before your blow dry session. These techniques can effectively dry hair quickly without worrying about frizzy hair.

You can learn more about how to blow dry hair like a pro here.

Leah Williams

Leah Williams is the founder of Lucky Curl and has been in the hair care and styling industry for the last 15 years. Since then, she has developed incredible expertise and a deep understanding of how to treat and style the most difficult hair types and is passionate about sharing her knowledge with the readers of Lucky Curl.

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