3 Benefits of Heat Protectants for Hair

By Leah Williams •  Updated: 08/27/22

In this article, Lucky Curl will look into the benefits of heat protectants for hair and probe why you shouldn’t skip the heat protectant spray before heat styling.

To get your hair looking great, nothing beats a curling iron or a flat iron, as far as the Hairstyle Hall of Fame is concerned.

Looking great is one thing, but is your hair feeling great after extensive exposure to heat styling? If not, you’re probably missing out on heat protectants. 

Heat protectants protect hair against excessive heat. The use of heat styling tools like hair straighteners, curling wands, and yes, even hair dryers can dry out the hair, making it brittle and prone to damage.

If you frequently blow-dry, straighten, or curl your hair, a heat protectant is an absolute must. Think of it as sunscreen for your hair.

What are the benefits of heat protectants on your hair?

It moisturizes the hair.

Moisture is essential to your hair’s health! That is why great conditioners play such an important role in hair care. Heat protectants make great hair moisturizers because they contain vitamins and fatty acids.

It reduces frizz.

The cuticles of the hair shaft are smoothed by heat protectants. As a result, frizziness in humid weather is reduced because the hair is able to take in less water.

It makes the hair easier to manage.

You’ll love this added benefit of heat protectants if you are constantly prepping your hair every morning while rushing for work! Remember how heat protectants keep your hair moisturized? Moisture keeps hair lubricated, making it easier to manage.

What happens if you skip a heat protectant?

The heat from styling tools can dry out your hair strands, cause breakage, and dull your hair.

During styling, your hair is directly exposed to heat. By not using a heat protectant, you are allowing the heat from styling tools to strip your hair of its color pigments.

Additionally, heat can break down keratin bonds that boost hair strength and elasticity. Keratin bonds that are weak can open your hair cuticles and lead to frizzy, dry hair.

Does heat protectant cause hair loss?

There is no denying that heat styling can be damaging to your hair. If you use curling irons, straighteners, or blow dryers on a regular basis, you are probably well aware of this. The high temperatures can cause your hair to become dry and brittle, and can even lead to split ends. However, there is no evidence to suggest that heat protectant products make this damage any worse. In fact, they may even help to prevent it.

If you are concerned about the possibility of heat damage, the best thing you can do is to use a good quality heat protectant product every time you style your hair. This will help to create a barrier between your hair and the heat, and will minimize the risk of damage. Of course, it is also important to use heat styling tools responsibly. Don’t overdo it, and make sure you give your hair a break from time to time.

So, does heat protectant cause hair loss? No, there is no evidence to suggest that it does. In fact, it may even help to prevent heat damage. However, as with any hair styling product, it is important to use it responsibly.

How to Apply Heat Protectant

Heat protectants come in sprays, serum, and creams that you can apply to your hair sparingly. You should apply it to damp hair for effective absorption.

Those with thin hair should avoid greasy protectants, while those with thick hair should use amounts that can easily absorb oil.

Hair is strengthened, moisturized, and protected with heat protectants. Indeed, heat protectants are a great choice for protecting your hair against heat damage! 

What To Look For In A Heat Protectant:

You should look for the following ingredients when buying heat protectant products. 

Key Takeaways

It doesn’t matter if you have curly or straight hair, or fine or thick coarse hair, heat protectants are a must when heat styling. Heat protectants add a protective layer to your hair which minimizes heat damage.

So, learn how to choose the best heat protectant products and do not miss out on the benefits!

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Leah Williams

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