Is Coconut Oil a Good Heat Protectant for Hair?

By Leah Williams •  Updated: 08/27/22

Fans of all-natural hair products, rejoice!

Here’s another natural product you’ll love: coconut oil. It’s true: You can use hair oils that are likely already in your cabinet to protect your luscious locks during heat styling.

There is, however, a certain way to use it, otherwise, you may not get the desired results. In this article, let’s focus on coconut oil as a heat protectant for your hair. 

As for the question, is coconut oil a good heat protectant for hair, the short answer is yes!

In addition to protecting your hair from heat, coconut oil also has a smoke point to consider. When oil reaches this temperature, it begins to smoke and disintegrate, causing more harm than good.

You’ll be safe as long as the oils are not heated above or below these temperatures!

Can I use coconut oil as a heat protectant for hair?

Among the most popular natural heat protectors is coconut oil.

Coconut oil can be used in so many different ways to protect your hair. This includes applying it on damp or wet hair before heat styling. 

It is a great natural heat protectant with a high smoke point of up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit enough to withstand heat-styling tools.

As you straighten your hair with a flat iron or any heated tool, the coconut oil absorbs high heat-shielding your strands from potential heat damage.

Apply only a few drops of coconut oil to your damp hair to avoid oiliness.  

Can you use too much coconut oil on your hair?

The application of coconut oil to the skin and hair is generally considered safe. 

Using too much, though, can result in oil buildup on your scalp and hair resulting in greasy dull hair, especially when you have fine hair. 

You can avoid this by using only a small amount of coconut oil and rubbing it through your hair from midsection to ends before heat styling. 

Too much coconut may result in hair loss too but very rare.

It’s normal to lose 50-100 hairs a day; however, many people report losing more when they use coconut oil. It is not usually coconut oil that causes these problems. 

Other Natural Heat Protectant Options:

Keep in mind to choose natural oils that have a similar composition to coconut oil to get the best hair results and to safeguard your hair from potential heat damage.

And yes, choose an organic oil with no hazardous chemicals!

The Verdict

Coconut oil is one of the best heat protectants for your hair. It does not only moisturize your hair but also offers heat protection from heat styling tools. Indeed, one of the best natural heat protectants for your hair!

However, when using coconut oil as a heat protectant for your hair, make sure not to overdo it as it can also damage your scalp and will make your hair greasy.

If you’re looking for the best heat protectant for fine hair, read this article!

Leah Williams

Leah Williams is the founder of Lucky Curl and has been in the hair care and styling industry for the last 15 years. Since then, she has developed incredible expertise and a deep understanding of how to treat and style the most difficult hair types and is passionate about sharing her knowledge with the readers of Lucky Curl.

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