How To Curl Hair With a Hot Air Brush

By Leah Williams •  Updated: 08/27/22

A hot styling brush is your friend if you’re looking to achieve the perfect curls with minimal heat damage.

Well, there are various ways to curl your straight hair using the curling iron or curlers. However, let’s focus on the hot brush for now!

So, for this article Lucky Curl explains how to curl hair with a hot brush. This mini-guide can teach you the most important steps in curling hair using a hot hair brush.

Let’s get to it!

Steps on How to Curl Hair with a Hot Air Brush

Before diving deep, you should know that achieving the perfect curls takes practice. It doesn’t happen overnight! It takes effort and probably hair damage if you’re not careful!

So, these are the standard steps you should keep in mind when curling hair using the heated brush:

Prep your hair!

Prep your hair by washing it with volumizing shampoo and conditioner. This is very important especially when your hair is naturally straight to give it more volume and for the texture to be enhanced.

Volumizing products hold the curls and bounce which make your hair look naturally fabulous. You should apply these products to damp hair for it to set while your hair dries. Rub it between your palms and carefully distribute it evenly and thoroughly on your roots.

Let your hair air-dry up to 80%. You can use the blow dryer if you’re in a hurry – it will help create an additional volume for your hair too.

It is important to detangle your hair before using the hot brush. So, comb through each section for the hot brush to run through it smoothly.

Start curling.

Before curling, divide your hair into sections to make the curling process easier. Divide it into the top half and bottom half with the ear sections separated. Secure the sections using a pin or tie so you can work your way easily while curling.

When curling with hot air brushes, the sectioning of your hair should be an inch thick. Be careful not to grab too much hair as the hot brush will not be effective. You should brush each section for 15 seconds for the best results!

Pull the hot air brush downwards to the end of your hair while slowly turning it clockwise. As you do this, guide your hair so that it curls under the hot brush.

Be careful not to get your hair caught. If it does, gently untangle it and brush through with a regular comb before curling again.

You can see this curling method demonstrated here:

Finish up!

After you finish curling your hair, give it another quick brush and a layer of flexible hair spray for the best results and long-lasting curls.

However, before the final brush, you should let your hair cool completely to let the curls set and last longer. You can also use a regular comb or brush to do this.

If you decided to use the hot brush, use the sheen spray to tame the curls and enhance your smooth and silky hair.

Do Hot Air Brushes Really Work?

It may sound too good to be true but hot air brushes work in curling hair!

Hot air brushes are an ultra-versatile tool perfect for achieving beautiful hairstyles for thick or fine hair. Of course, also suitable for straightening hair!

Moreover, using a hot brush is the fastest, easiest, and safest way to curl hair with minimal damage. It won’t damage your hair like other heating tools as long as you’re following the right procedure.

Hot brushes can definitely transform your straight hair into naturally curly locks that are set to last.

If you really want the hot brush to do a good job on your hair, it’s recommended to use it on slightly damp hair for easy styling and less hair damage.

Final Thoughts

The hot air brush is definitely a must-have!

It does an excellent job in styling your hair, in terms of achieving bouncy curls and straightening your natural hair at once.

You should always keep in mind to follow the right procedure when curling with hot brushes.

Prepping your hair is vital to avoid heat damage and for the hot brush to work properly.

Also, do not forget to apply some heat protectant products on your hair before setting yourself off to use the hot brush. Check to see if the heat protectant you’re using can withhold the heat from your hot brush.

Of course, you should know how to pick the right heated brush for your hair. You should invest in proper beauty tools and stay away from cheap drugstore hot brushes to avoid potential hair damage.

If you’re after the best hot air brush on the market, we’ve got a few good product recommendations that you must try. Check out our article!

Leah Williams

Leah Williams is the founder of Lucky Curl and has been in the hair care and styling industry for the last 15 years. Since then, she has developed incredible expertise and a deep understanding of how to treat and style the most difficult hair types and is passionate about sharing her knowledge with the readers of Lucky Curl.

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