Is an Ionic or Ceramic Hair Dryer Better?

By Leah Williams •  Updated: 05/21/22

Quick Answer: The ceramic hair dryer is a better choice!

If you’ve been pondering which one between a ceramic and ionic hair dryer is better, this article is for you!

Ionic and ceramic are among the most used material in hair dryers. Ionic and ceramic hair dryers are amongst the most efficient hair dyers that are worthy of your investment.

Most professional hairstylists will probably choose the ceramic hair dryer over traditional dryers for various reasons.


Let’s focus on answering the question “is an ionic or ceramic hair dryer better?” Whatever you choose, always think of your hair!

What is an ionic hair dryer?

Ionic hair dryers feature advanced electromagnetic technology that emits negatively-charged ions that break positively charged water molecules. As a result, hair moisture is preserved which makes your strands look smooth, silky, and shiny after blow-drying.

In addition, newer models of ionic hair dryers feature a built-in ion generator that produces even more negative ions and in turn dries hair faster.



What is a ceramic hair dryer?

Ceramic hair dryers emit infrared heat that penetrates the hair shaft which dries the hair inside and out without damage.

The ceramic material in this type of hair dryer is used as a wrap on the heating coil which distributes heat evenly on your hair.

This also means that whether you have thick or thin hair, or somewhere in between, you shouldn’t worry about damage.



The Verdict (Ionic vs Ceramic)

As you can see, the ceramic dryers are better than the ionic ones.

Compared to electromagnetic fields in ionic hair dryers, the ceramic material is safe for your hair for long-term use.

According to a study, long-term exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) can be detrimental to your health. However, further research is needed to prove such a claim. For now, you should be aware of the potential side effects of EMF and perhaps stay away from it as much as possible.  

In other words, the ceramic dryer is an intelligent choice for now!

The ceramic coating in ceramic dryers heats up quickly and it distributes heat evenly on your hair resulting in frizz-free, smooth and silky strands. And that also makes the ceramic dryer suitable for fine hair and other hair types!

The only thing that’s probably going to put someone off is the price because the ceramic hair dryer cost more than the ionic hair dryer. Still, a bang for your buck for the sake of healthy hair!

If you’re scouting for the best ceramic hair dryer, check out our recommendations!

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