Xtava Curling Wand Set Review | Buying Guide, Comparison and Best Features

By Leah Williams •  Updated: 01/09/22

Hair curling can be frustrating on slow mornings and if you’re using the wrong tools, you’ll end up spending more time fussing with your hair. Most women spend a small fortune buying different hair curlers to get the job done. Let’s be real, hair curlers aren’t exactly cheap, buying multiple styling tools is one expensive habit.

Thankfully, there are hair curlers that come with interchangeable barrels like the Xtava Curling Wand. It’s like getting five different curling wands for the price of one. 

Xtava Curling Wand Review – Why You Need This 5-in-1 Curling Tool

xtava 5 in 1 Professional Curling Iron and Wand Set
  • Negative ion technology
  • Ceramic-tourmaline technology
  • Digital temperature controls
  • Dual voltage
  • Auto shut off
  • Quick heat setting
  • 360° Swivel Cord
  • LCD display
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1. 5-in-1 Curling Iron: All The Curling Options You Want

The Xtava brand is clearly giving its customers all the curling options they want at a reasonable price point. If you’re the type who collects different curlers for different purposes, your search for the perfect curler ends with the Xtava Satin Wave 5-in-1 curling set. The device will also save you more room in your vanity.

This clever hair styling tool comes with 5 interchangeable barrels in one kit. Three of the five barrels are cylindrical shaped and come in different sizes 75″, 1″ and 1.25″. The Conical shaped wands, on the other hand, come in the sizes 3″ – .75″ and 7″ – 1″.

Barrel Shapes

Barrel Width

Best for

Hair Length



Beachy Waves

Short to Long


Classic Curls

Short to Long


Loose Curls

Medium to Long


.3″ – .75″

Tight Ringlets

Very short to Medium

.7″ – 1″

Defined Curls

Very short to Medium

The cylindrical curlers are perfect for creating classic curls, beachy waves, or perfectly tousled locks. The conical curlers, on the other hand, are perfect for creating defined curls and tight ringlets!

The curling barrels are also ceramic and tourmaline coated so they are corrosion resistant and durable enough for daily abuse! The special coating releases six times more negative ions than conventional curling irons so styling your hair with the Xtava curling wand is less damaging to the hair.

2. The  Xtava Curling Wand Works for All Hair Length and Hair Types

Whether you have short hair or long hair, medium density to thin hair, the Xtava Curling Wand has the right setting to give you salon-worthy curls every time. The large barrels pump up the volume on stick straight, thin hair. These also come with a clamp to hold the hair sections in place. The conical curlers are best for achieving corkscrew curls on very short to shoulder length hair.

You could also adjust the heat settings for different curl effects. The Xtava 5-in-1 curling iron has 9 heat settings. The lowest heat setting (130°-150°) is best suited for thin, delicate hair while the medium setting (130°-150°) is recommended for medium density tresses. The highest setting is perfect for coarse, thick, and unruly hair.

3. The  Xtava Curling Wand Has Smart Features

Apart from the different heat settings, the Xtava 5-in-1 curler also comes with a rapid heat mode to make styling in the morning faster. It also comes with a 60-minute auto-sleep mode for optimized energy usage. The device also comes with a universal 100-240V dual voltage. It adjusts automatically to the proper voltage using a compatible adapter. Hate tangled cords? Who doesn’t? The 360° swivel cord ensures that you are curling your hair in comfort.

The Satin Wave 5-in-1 curler has an LCD display that presents the temperature clearly and accurately.  Too much heat could burn the hair so a large digital display is great to have for users who have thin hair or damaged hair. The kit also comes with a heat resistant glove so you don’t burn your fingers while styling your hair as well as a handy, heat-resistant travel bag. All the barrels fit into the travel bag nicely so you could take your curler anywhere!

4. Ceramic Tourmaline Technology: Healthy Heat and Long Lasting Curls

Heat stress could damage the hair strands but the Xtava Satin Waves is kinder on the tresses compared to other styling tools. The curling barrels are coated with ceramic tourmaline that distributes heat evenly.

As the curler heats up, the tourmaline coating releases infrared negative ions that lock in moisture, restore shine, and promote better hair health. The special coating also protects from heat damage and frizz. The result? Beautiful, bouncy curls that will take you from brunch to date night.

5. The Xtava Curling Wand is User-Friendly

The Xtava 5-in-1 curling iron isn’t as complicated as it looks. It’s one of the most user-friendly curlers on the market. The design of the interchangeable barrels is straightforward and these snap into place. No extra mechanisms are needed to switch between barrels.

Curling is just as easy, once you chose the right curling barrel, turn the device on, adjust the temperature and give the Satin Wave 5-in-1 curler a few seconds to heat up. It doesn’t take long before the curler heats up but you could apply your favorite heat spray or serum while waiting.

Divide your hair into sections, curl your hair around the barrel for 8 to 10 seconds, release, and voila, a perfect curl! Now do the rest of your hair and you’re ready to go. Easy, right?

Product Comparisons

XTAVA Satin Wave 5-in-1 Curling Iron Set vs. Xtava It Curl Oval Wand

The Xtava It Curl Curling Wand has the same tourmaline coated barrel and quick-heat up feature that the Xtava Satin Wave Satin Wave 5-in-1 curler has but the barrel is not interchangeable and is also narrower. The design of the barrel is optimized for creating beachy waves and perfectly tousled tresses. The curls are also long-lasting! The Xtava It Curl Curling Wand comes with precise temperature control so you could create exactly the kind of curl that you like.

xtava It Curl Curling Wand
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However, the slim design could make it a little hard to hold at times. Getting good angles as you curl your hair will take some getting used to. The barrel is also oval shaped, not round shaped.

It’s perfect for creating loose waves but Xtava It Curl Curling Wand does not give much styling options compared to Xtava Satin Wave Satin Wave 5-in-1 curler. The curler is also clip-less so getting your hair to stay while being curled is a challenge since the barrel is smooth.

The Xtava 5-in-1 Curling Iron comes with interchangeable barrels so you get virtually limitless styling options. The shapes and sizes of the barrels vary so you could create the kind of curls that you want. Three of the five interchangeable barrels have a built-in clip so curling can be done with just one hand.  

Xtava  5-in-1 Curling Iron vs. Xtava Twist Curl Curling Wand

The Xtava Twist Curl Curling Wand is a styling tool that features the same ceramic and tourmaline coated barrel that’s about 1.0 – 1.5 inch in width. Because the device is from the same brand, the features between the Xtava Twist and the  5-in-1 curling iron are similar.

xtava Twist Curl Curling Wand
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The Twist has the perfect barrel width for people with or short hair. The hair curler produces ions that minimize static and controls frizz, just like the Xtava 5-in-1 curling iron. It has 22 adjustable heat settings and digital temperature control. It also comes with a 60-minute auto shut off feature, swivel cord, and universal dual voltage.

However, the Twist doesn’t come with interchangeable barrels so you’re stuck with a single, conical curler. It’s challenging to create bigger, fuller curls because the curling barrel is quite narrow.

The Twist is compact and perfect for travel but if you’re the type who loves to experiment with different curls or you’d like to get more bang for your buck, the 5 in 1 curling set is the better choice. The same thing can be said for people who do not have much room in their vanity or bathroom counter, you’ll end up collecting different curlers because the Twist isn’t as versatile.

XTAVA Curling Wand vs. XTAVA Professional Auto-Rotating Curling Iron

The XTAVA Professional Auto-Rotating Curling Iron features a 1-inch curling barrel that rotates automatically to create big and bouncy curls. Just like the Xtava 5 in 1 curler set, the Xtava rotating curler has the ceramic and tourmaline technology that protects the hair from heat stress, allowing you to style your hair without worrying about damaging or weakening the hair strands.

xtava Auto Styler - Professional Auto Rotating Curling Iron
  • Ceramic-Tourmaline Technology
  • 60-Minute Auto Shutoff Feature
  • Rotating Barrel

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The device also comes with a large LCD display so you can check the temperature at a glance, a 60-minute auto shut off feature, 11 temperature settings, as well as universal dual voltage.

We love the compact design of the Xtava rotating curler as well as the thicker width of the curler because we get big, vibrant curls. It also comes with a cool tip so you won’t burn your skin while styling your hair. If you are used to a rotating curler, styling your hair with the  Xtava rotating curler is fast and easy.

However, the curler only comes with a single barrel so it’s not as versatile as the Xtava 5 in 1 curler set. Also, if you are not used to a rotating curler, this device might take a little getting used to.

Also, watch out for the controls, they are touch sensitive! The controls are set near the base of the curler. If you are not careful, you might accidentally press the wrong button as you curl your hair. When using the device, be mindful of the barrel’s direction as it rotates. You might end up curling your hair in the wrong direction!

So, Should You Get the XTAVA Curling Wand?

If you are on the hunt for a versatile styling tool, one that provides more value for your money, we definitely recommend the Xtava Satin Wave 5 in 1 Curling set! Getting the kit is like getting several curling irons for the price of one. You get endless options as far as hair styling goes. You could create tight curls, defined curls, sexy beach waves, and Boho twists with little effort. The different curling attachments work on all hair lengths and hair types.

If your hair is fine or easily damaged by heat, the ceramic and tourmaline coated barrels produce even, healthy heat to the hair. This is a great feature for people who curl their hair every day too! Everyday styling does a number to the tresses and the healthy heat that the curler produces help retain the hair’s strength and shine.

We think that the auto shut off feature is one of the Xtava 5 in 1 Curling set’s best features. If you are like most people then you’re probably rushing in the morning all the time. The automatic shut off feature means there is no need to worry about the curler in case you forgot to turn it off before heading out.

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