Should a curling wand be tapered?

By Leah Williams •  Updated: 08/26/22

Short Answer: Ideally, a curling wand should be tapered if you like natural-looking curls!

It’s no denying curling wands live up to their names. It’s one of the newest tools that can bring a special kind of magic to your hair.

A curling wand with a tapered barrel is definitely a hit if you’re looking to achieve natural-looking curls of different sizes. However, with so many choices, it can be hard to find the ideal curling wand for your hair type.

In this post, Lucky Curl explains the answer to the question “should a curling wand be tapered?” Also, this will help you choose the right tapered wand for your hair texture.

Is a tapered wand better?

If you like beachy waves, a curling wand with a tapered end is a better option for you over the traditional curling iron.

Tapered curling wands give you more of a wave than a curl. For example, you can go for the slim tapered wand if you prefer a wavy S-shape curl on your highly textured hair. The catch is, that you can’t use the tapered wand for creating uniform curls.

That said, the tapered curling iron is a definitely good choice depending on your preference and the kind of curls that you prefer!

Why are some curling wands tapered?

The short answer is, that a tapered curling wand is designed for creating curls of different sizes that create a messier and more natural look.

With the tapered curling wand, you can curl closer to the base of your hair which gives you spacious curls. You can start curling wide at the bottom of your hair before narrowing at the top and vice versa.

Indeed a versatile curling tool for creating small and large curls. In that case, some curling wands have to be tapered!

What do reverse tapered curling wands do?

A reverse tapered curling wand is a great tool for those who like creating an extra volume on the base of their curls.

If you want a natural-looking curl with a big volume on the roots, the reverse tapered curling wand is your friend! It curls the base of your hair to keep the soft waves longer.

So, consider the reverse tapered wand for getting long-lasting natural curls!


You have to use a tapered curling iron if you want to achieve natural curls. This will give the best results if you like bigger curls on the base and smaller curls at the bottom of your hair or vice versa.

Also, the tapered curling wand is good for generating spiral curls. Try the reverse tapered curling wand if you want to level up your hair game!

And yes, be sure to prep your hair before using curling irons or any other heated styling tool.

If you like to create curly hairstyles and is curious to know the difference between tapered vs straight curling wand, check out our article!

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