Is a Tourmaline or Ceramic Straightener Better For Your Hair?

By Leah Williams •  Updated: 06/11/22

Are you looking for your next hair straightener? You’ve probably heard of ceramic flat irons and flat irons made with tourmaline plates. Professional hair stylists often recommend hair tools made from these materials.

What’s the reason for the hype, though? Which is more kind to your hair, a straightener made from tourmaline or ceramic? In this article, we are going to walk you through the benefits of tourmaline straighteners and common ceramic flat irons so you can choose the best one for your budget and hair needs.

Is tourmaline or ceramic straightener better?

Both materials are used for less heat damage and even heat distribution. They produce negative ions that cancel out the positive ions in dry hair, resulting in frizz-free hair strands. You will get silkier hair as a result!

Tourmaline is the better choice for flat irons, though ceramic irons are not without good points. Read on to find what makes ceramic a good choice for flat irons.

Ceramic Flat Irons

Made with ceramic plates, this flat iron is popular because it heats up quickly. It is also budget-friendly compared to other types of flat irons.

The downside of ceramic flat irons is that they can cause more hair damage than tourmaline ones. Ceramic doesn’t distribute heat as evenly as tourmaline. You may need to run the iron over your hair several times to get the best results.

Hair has more heat exposure this way, and we all know that too much heat is not suitable for our hair!

Ceramic hair straighteners also wear out quickly. The ceramic coating usually starts peeling off after a few months of use. You’ll know it’s time to replace your flat iron when you see the ceramic plates losing their smoothness.

Tourmaline Flat Irons

This flat iron is made with tourmaline plates made from a semi-precious gemstone. Tourmaline produces negative ions, which help to seal in moisture and make your hair look smooth and shiny.

Tourmaline flat irons distribute heat evenly, so you won’t have to go over the same section of hair multiple times. This action means less exposure to heat overall and less damage to your hair. You’ll get straight hair with less damage in no time.

In choosing between tourmaline and ceramic plates, tourmaline wins the game because it generates infrared heat. This kind of heat is more kind to dry and damaged hair because the heat builds up from the inside out.

The hair cuticle doesn’t roughen up with infrared heat, making it an excellent choice for fine or damaged hair.

But like ceramic irons, tourmaline wears out, too. You’ll know it’s time to get a new one when the tourmaline plates start to chip.

To answer whether which one is best, a tourmaline flat iron or a ceramic flat iron, I agree that tourmaline is the better choice. Ceramic flat irons are not without good points, though.

Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Irons

Flat irons containing these materials are the best of both worlds. Generally, they cost more than ceramic or tourmaline irons, but they offer the best of both materials.

The ions emitted by tourmaline help combat frizz and make your hair look shiny. The ceramic plates help distribute heat evenly so you can minimize heat damage. In contrast, the tourmaline-infused plates utilize ionic technology to achieve smooth hair by sealing moisture inside the cuticle layer.

A flat iron with tourmaline ceramic plates is also fantastic for your hair. It is an excellent coarse hair straightener.

Other Flat Irons

Some hair straighteners may have a combination of ceramic and titanium plates or aluminium or titanium plates in one tool.

What to Remember When Using Hot Tools

Check your hair type.

For example, thin hair is more prone to damage. The same goes for fine hair and dry or damaged hair. Curlier hair types are not heatproof as well.

There’s no single best flat iron.

Flat ironing will always give the hair some damage no matter what plate materials are used. As a hairstylist, I always go for the hot tool that minimizes damage and enhances shine.

Protect your hair from heat.

You may be using a hair straightener that’s best for your hair, but all efforts are in vain without a heat protectant. Keep hair at its healthiest even with heat with a thermal spray or mist that stops damage from intense heat transfer.

Wrap Up

If you’re looking for a hair straightener, choose one with tourmaline or ceramic plates. If your budget is limited, opt for a ceramic plate straightener. Choose a flat iron with tourmaline ceramic plates for the best of both worlds, especially if you have a little extra to spend.

Choosing a flat iron can be fun and stress-free. Start with our best tourmaline flat iron recommendations and have the straight hair you want every day.

Do you have some tricks and tips about using straighteners? Share in the comments below!

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