Best Rotating Hot Air Brush – 3 Top Options for Easy Styling at Home

by Leah Williams | Updated: 02/08/2020

I often spend an hour at least styling my hair but having to do this daily is taking up too much of my time. I decided I need to find a styling tool that will help me keep my hairstyle a few days which is why I am in a quest for the best rotating hot air brush.

What are the Benefits of a Rotating Hot Air Brush?

I was used to drying and styling my hair with two different styling tools, that is until I came across a hot air brush. My friend recommended it to me when I complained to her about my morning ritual. She told me that if I wanted to speed things up, I can try this one out and I did. I tested several of these hot air brushes and so far, here are the benefits that I experienced with them.

How to Choose the Best Hot Air Brush that Rotates?

You’re probably thinking of getting a rotating hot air brush for yourself already, but if this is your first time to buy one, I am sure you will be a bit overwhelmed with all the choices out there. I did too when I first started searching for this tool. Since I know how hard it is to land the right hot air brushes, I have made a list of factors that you can use when shopping for one.

3 Best Rotating Hot Air Brushes to Consider

The rotating hot air dryer brush is probably one of the best styling tools that you will have in your arsenal based on my experience. It is a hair dryer and styling tool in one package! I can do away with my blow dryer and wooden brushes, plus I get to see some professional salon-hair results faster than before and with minimal effort on my part. I had some fun finding the best hot air brush for my mid-length straight hair with all the options available.

However, since there are literally dozens of these air brushes available in stores, I thought it would be a good idea to round up my top three brands for hot air brushes. This way, you got your search cut out for you because you can start with these three of the best brush dryer I had used.

1. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Rotating Hot Air Brush

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09/23/2021 04:04 am GMT

The first on my list is the nano titanium rotating hot air brush from BaBylissPRO. What I like about this tool is that it has an antistatic bristle that is combined with warm airflow to create gorgeous results. I never thought that it would be possible to have that extra shine to my hair after. What else is there to enjoy with this product? It has a bi-directional rotating barrel that can move either backward or forward which helps with achieving beautiful stylish hair.

It also makes use of ionic technology to help minimize the development of frizz when styling your hair. As for the heat settings, this one comes with three options that are ergonomically placed along with the handle for ease of use. This works best to polish off your hair style. Also, this is only suited for hair that is at least 80 percent dry for best results.



2. INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Spin Air Rotating Styler

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09/23/2021 04:09 am GMT

Another option for hot air brushes that I want to introduce to you is the INFINITIPRO by Conair. This 2 inch styling tool is every bit as useful as the previous one with its drying and styling features in one solid body. What makes this hot air brush worth checking out is the fact that it makes use of tourmaline ceramic technology to help heat up hair strands without them becoming damaged. I like that my hair looks amazing each time I use it. The boar and nylon bristles installed on the barrel prevent static from happening which means that you will end up with salon-styled hair every time.

I noticed that this rotating hot air brush should be used while hair is damp but almost dry. You have to comb your hair first to remove any tangles. You can create more volume with this 2-in-1 styling tool by letting the brush rotate on your hair for a bit. Release the rotate button then switch to a cooler setting to set the hairstyle in place.



3. Revlon Perfect Heat 2″ Tourmaline Ceramic Rotating Hot Air Styler

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
09/23/2021 04:08 am GMT

In this list of best rotating hot air brush, I like to add Revlon Perfect Heat into the mix. Revlon is a brand that we are all familiar with and it appears that their 2 inch tourmaline ceramic rotating hot air styler is a gorgeous styling tool. The first thing that I liked about this rotating hot air brush is the fact that it gives me beautiful and more detailed curls just like the way I want them. It has a multidirectional brush that gives me more flexibility when it comes to making my hair look different each day. You can switch off the spin feature as you see fit.

There are only two heat settings here which I think is less than what the others have to offer, but it still does the job of making my hair look great. Its 2 inch spin brush comes with tangle-free bristles that can easily work in taming my hair. Aside from giving my hair volume, it felt like my strands were fully moisturized afterward. This rotating hot air brush is worth looking into if you need a hot air brush that makes your hair stand out.



Which is the Best Hot Air Brush?

Now that you have read my list of best hot hair brush, you might be wondering which one stands out the most. Based on my categories, my winner here is BaBylissPRO. For starters, it has multiple heat settings where you can switch from hot to cold with ease. Second, it has a multidirectional spin setting meaning that you can spin the rotating barrel forward or backward depending on the hairstyle you are aiming for. Third, the nano titanium materials ensure that my hair strands are exposed to even heating thus preventing breakage. Also, I should not fail to mention that it does come with antistatic bristles too.

However, I would not suggest this if you are looking for a hair styler for short hair because the size of the barrel may not be appropriate. Also, this is best used while your hair is around 80 percent dry. I have tried using it with different levels of dampness and I do believe that with your hair almost dry, you will be able to style it without any difficulties.

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