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By Leah Williams •  Updated: 06/11/22

I wanted to style my hair but having to switch from one styling tool to the next takes time. I was desperate to find a single tool that can dry and style my hair at the same time, but I couldn’t find the perfect one. It took many flat irons until I came across ghd platinum review and everything changed.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Flat Iron

A flat iron is typically used to straighten hair, but it has more uses to it than I originally thought. This styling tool not only styles your hair, but it can be used to dry strands at the same time. I find that using a hair straightener will work on various hair types, but you need to know what to look for first before making any purchase. Here’s what I suggest that you look for.

Introducing ghd Styler Platinum

ghd Platinum+ Professional Performance Hair Styler
  • World's first smart flat iron
  • Predictive Technology
  • Ultra-Zone Technology
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03/07/2024 06:30 pm GMT

After reading reviews on flat irons, let me introduce the ghd flat iron which is the first-ever smart styling tool that adjusts its heating based on the type of hair that you have. This personal approach to styling hair is one of its best features because it guarantees even heating from start to finish. If you are looking for a hair styler that can do more than just straighten your hair strands, this is it. It is sleek, it is stylish, and it can deliver salon-style finish too regardless of what hair style you are aiming for.



Features and Benefits

Based on the reviews about the ghd Platinum hair straightener, I figured out that this styling tool comes with unique features that are worth checking out.

What benefits should you expect from using the ghd platinum hair styler? There are several advantages that you will enjoy when you choose this hair straightener to be part of your hair styling products. Here are a few that I think you are sure to enjoy.

Customer Feedback

From the reviews that I have read, most of the customers were impressed with the results of using ghd platinum. I confess that based on their feedback, I am more than eager to test it out. Most of them were impressed with the Smart Tech installed on the styler because they were able to achieve salon-quality results. Just to give you an idea of what others are saying, here’s what they have been gushing about.

Alternatives to Consider

The ghd Platinum Styler may be a bit on the expensive side for its standard retail price. That said, I was determined to see if there were other alternatives that can get the job done without making me spend a lot. Here’s what I came across during my research which I think you are going to love.

Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Smooth + Flat Iron

Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Smooth+ Flat Iron
$105.20 ($105.20 / Count)
  • Silicone-Ceramic Plates
  • Floating Cushioned Plate
  • Express ION Complex Infused Plates
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03/05/2024 11:30 am GMT

The bright pink color will certainly catch your eye when you see it. I love the fact that this styling tool is hard to miss because of its color. Aside from the color, this hair styling tool makes use of express ion complex technology that guarantees that your mane will look healthy and shiny even after being exposed to concentrated heat. Its ceramic plates measure at least 1.25 inches which I think will work even on those who have thick, coarse hair. There is a digital display on the device itself which tells you the current temperature of the plates. And the best part? It can reach up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit in seconds!

If you are looking for a flat iron that can provide you with up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit of controlled heat, you should check this one out right here.

KIPOZI Hair Straightener

KIPOZI Professional Flat Iron Titanium 1 Inch Hair Straightener
  • Advanced PTC heater
  • Nano-Ionic Technology
  • Shine-Boosting Technology
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KIPOZI’s barrel design not only straightens but makes it easier to achieve wavy to curly hair real quick. Wrap one section of hair around the barrel and gently pull the hair styler away from you to see the curls form. It also has a smart temperature technology that lets you straighten your strands quickly while preventing moisture loss and stops heat damage too. What makes it efficient in handling all hair types is the fact that it makes use of nano-titanium plates that can deliver high heat minus the damage. It heats up real quick so you won’t have to wait minutes. The 3D floating plates adjust and clamp down on your hair no matter how they are positioned so that, by the time you pull gently, there will be no strands of hair snagged on the styling tool.

If you are on a tight budget but would like to get your hands on a powerful styling tool, click here to know more about KIPOZI.

FURIDEN Hair Straightener

FURIDEN Revolutionary One Step Straightener and Style
  • Upgraded MCH Heaters
  • Durable and Energy Efficient Design
  • Salon High Heat for Long Lasting Finish

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03/14/2024 01:30 am GMT

This lightweight and easy to use straightener comes with 20 heat settings that can be toggled by turning the rotating base. It is equipped with titanium plates that are known to reach high heat without causing damage to hair strands. You only need to give each section of your hair a single pass with the plates to get the desired results. What’s even better is that as you expose your strands to high heat, the plates help lock in the moisture thus minimizing breakage. There won’t be any snagging or tugging of strands thanks to the barrel shape of the styler. And because this device can reach maximum temperature in just 15 seconds, you won’t be wasting time waiting for your tool to be ready. No arm fatigue to worry about instead you will be all smiles as you get to style and dry your mane real quick.

If you want a budget-friendly styling tool that will give you full control over your hairstyle, click here to know more about FURIDEN and its features.


Now that you have read my brief reviews about my choices for alternatives to ghd platinum, I am still leaning towards the latter in terms of straightening tool. Its predictive tech ensures that my strands will not be overly exposed to high heat as the sensors will not only read the current temperature, but also the thickness of my strands, and how I use the styling tool as well.

Its unique wishbone look prevents my strands from getting tangled or snagged between the handle, plus it allows me to manipulate the plates depending on what look I am aiming for.

Aside from having a longer swivel cord, it has a universal voltage meaning that I will be able to pack this styling tool with me so I can play with my hairstyle during my travels.

If you are willing to invest in a styling tool that will give you more control on your look while protecting your strands at the same time, click here to learn more about the ghd Platinum Styler.

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