Tourmaline vs Titanium Hair Straighteners: Which one is better?

By Leah Williams •  Updated: 05/31/22

Choosing between a tourmaline and titanium hair straightener can be a daunting decision for a hairstyling novice.

Manufacturers are experimenting with different materials for flat irons and hair straighteners in recent years. Titanium and tourmaline are amongst the top material used for most styling tools in the market!

As for the question, which is better tourmaline or titanium? Well, that depends on your hair type!

For most hair types, tourmaline flat irons work fine, but that only holds true if you have thin or fine hair. On the other hand, titanium flat irons are an excellent choice if you have thick or coarse hair that doesn’t cooperate well.  

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Are tourmaline flat irons better?

As mentioned, choosing which one is better between tourmaline and ceramic flat irons depends on your hair type. However, most people may prefer tourmaline as a material for their hair straightener due to several reasons.

Tourmaline and ceramic flat irons heat up quickly resulting in minimal heat damage to your hair.

The key difference between these two is that tourmaline emits more negative ions which counteracts positive ions in damaged hair.  In other words, it provides an extra layer of protection for your hair, especially when combined with ceramic.

In a sense, tourmaline or tourmaline ceramic flat irons are better for keeping your hair healthy and shiny.

How to choose the best hair straightener

Obviously, you must consider what works on your hair when choosing a hair straightener. Apart from your hair type as the main consideration, you should always think of safety, quality, and cost. (Although cost should be at the bottom of your list.)

The level of safety is critical no matter what type of hair straightener or styling tools you go for. Whether you choose a titanium or tourmaline straightening tool, you should pick something with multiple heat settings for easy adjustment of temperature and quick styling.

Titanium and tourmaline are premium-quality materials for a straightening iron. Titanium heats quickly and evenly while tourmaline naturally produces negative ions with far-infrared heat which prevents dry and damaged hair.

Of course, the cost plays a little importance too. Titanium flat irons cost more than the tourmaline. A good quality tourmaline flat iron might cost you around $60 to $70 while titanium hair straighteners are somewhere in the range of $180 to $200.

Even though the tourmaline material is considered a precious gem, it’s less costly than a titanium flat iron. However, you shouldn’t just decide on your styling tool based on the price. Check for safety and ensure it meets your styling requirements.

Which is better tourmaline or titanium?

It all boils down to your hair type and factors like durability, and technology used!

Always consider your hair type when choosing a material for your hair straightener. As a general rule, tourmaline is better for dry, dull, and thin hair, while titanium is ideal for coarse, thick, and curly hair.

Also, keep in mind straightening tools that heat up quickly takes less time to straighten your hair – that means less heat exposure and minimal hair damage. (Titanium heats up quicker than tourmaline, and no cold spots!) 

Apparently, titanium straighteners are more durable than the ones made of tourmaline. Tourmaline straighteners are prone to breakage but they last longer when cared for properly and are scratch-resistant.

In terms of technology used, both the tourmaline and titanium hair straighteners offer protection to your hair. Titanium straighteners use ionic technology which eliminates frizzy hair while tourmaline straighteners utilize a combination of infrared-red heat and ionic technology which prevents hair damage to a greater extent.

After so much deliberation, I’d say it’s a challenge to pick which one between tourmaline and titanium is the best material as they’re equally good!

The Verdict

Whether you choose tourmaline or titanium as a straightening tool material, be sure it fulfills your hair requirement.

Choosing straightening irons based on your hair type is a wise decision. However, for the most part, tourmaline is widely chosen by many because it works fine on most hair types!

The thing is if you’ve got a thick hair type, tourmaline may not serve you well, but the titanium can do wonders for you! Plus, many flat iron consumers believe it’s a durable material that can last longer.

On a side note:

Whichever material you think is best for your hair straightener, make sure to prep your hair before styling. Also, it’s a wise idea not to use heating tools on your hair too often – once or twice a week is most ideal. 

If you’re thinking of purchasing a flat iron that is pro-rated, check out our list of the best titanium flat irons.

Leah Williams

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